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Aussie Open Report: Best Dressed

Early upsets mean your bracket probably got ugly in a hurry this year – mine sure did. But that’s the nature of the Big Dance Down Under and we can’t stand around the water cooler complaining all day about being out of the office pool. It’s time to check the other scoreboard – what’s everyone wearing?

Here’s who’s running away with IT on the blue court* – tennis’ version of the red carpet!

(Ed. note: The Australian Open is played on a blue court.)

Get ready to see a lot of the usual suspects in sports couture – Yonex, Prince, K-Swiss, you know the names. When it comes to the players, of course, we’re only focusing on the biggest of the big time, the household names of the sport – unless some scrappy newcomer really stands out. Let’s get right to it.

Caroline Wozniacki
The skirt’s a bit high-wasted, but she has the figure to pull it off. The double pleats owe no favors to still photography and do a great job accentuating her figure when she’s prowling the court. (Her LFVP* could use a little work, though.)

* Left Fist Victory Pump

Andrea Hlavackova
A classy tribute to the venue from a classy lady. Andrea’s presentation tells you everything you need to know about her with one look. She’s all business. A scrapper, one might say, but also not afraid to be a lady. Always has been. (Excellent form on the LFVP – the mark of a veteran.)

Anne Keothavong
Determined lines and bold colors. AK, as we know her, has a history of choosing ensembles that reflect her attitude on the court while saying at the bleeding edge of creativity. This year is no different. (Another solid LFVP. Elbow in, forearm parallel to the torso. She’s really bringing it.)

Aravane Rezai
The pink lady is back! Need I say more?

Ball boys and linespeople
These guys and gals are the backbone of this great game, and this year they’re decked out to make sure you know it.

Fernando Verdasco
Some people make my job difficult. What’s most impressive, the hard and fast print of the shirt? The neon red and green combo while we’re still in the shadow of Christmas? The hair? You decide, dear readers, I have to turn away. Total eclipses of awesome have that affect from time to time.

Lukasz Kubot
Just because it’s peacetime doesn’t mean you can’t bring out the guns!

David Nalbandian and Lleyton Hewitt
Butch and Sundance, eat your hearts out. The matching shirt styles with perfectly contrasting colors do no justice to the rivalry these two have enjoyed throughout the years, and we’re all better for it.

Novack Djokovic
Don’t cry for me, Djokovic. The lines and cut? Classic swarthy sportsman. The colors? Pure 2011.

Radek Stepanek
The line of Andre imitators is long and littered with failure. But Radek’s latest attempt at channeling a not-really-young but not quite saggy Agassi gets an “A” for effort and this year’s Barney Award for best use of purple.

That’s it from Melbourne. See you next time and stay sexy, tennis stars of tomorrow!

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