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Coming Soon: “I Survived the East Coast 2011” T-shirts!

(Maybe, if we’re still here.)

BUD: I told you when we had an earthquake: Just because the FEDS tell us it’s too dangerous to be inside, I’m not leaving. My stories were on. And I’m not leaving now just because of some rain, even if the storm is named after my second wife.




Look what happened outside during the earthquake, where everyone was evacuated for their SAFETY:

KENT: It’s not a “storm,” it’s a hurricane.

BUD: Whatever. Tuesday, they all screamed we had to go outside. Now, no one can go outside. Our government can’t even agree on where they want us to hide! But it doesn’t matter. The community rallied around me for the earthquake and they’ll be there for me now.

KENT: No one’s telling you to leave. You don’t live by the ocean. Just get up and go get us more beer. It’s gone. Do it for the community.

BUD: Oh. Well, ok then.

Coming Soon: Natural Disaster Wear for East Coasters. Who knew we even needed it.



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