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Finally! Non-stick Ketchup Bottles!

Our days of scraping around in the primordial dust may soon be a hazy memory. We’ve been spanking ketchup bottles ever since… ketchup was invented. No more:

“The MIT university team came up with LiquiGlide, a ‘super-slippery’ coating which makes the insides of the bottle so frictionless that the sludgy goo inside just slides out like water.”

“The secret ingredient to the liquid coating is a heavily-guarded secret, but the team promise it is non-toxic and will be FDA approved.”

BUD: Actually, squeezable bottles have been available for quite some time. So, I dunno, maybe these eggheads are solving a problem from the 80s? What are they going to do for us next, make fluorescent sweaters and parachute pants more comfy?

KENT: Enjoy the weekend, everybody!

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