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Planes without windows: Pass the mini-bottles…

A story in the Telegraph lays it out: Building a plane without windows has its benefits.



While Jonny Clark, a pilot and the founder of the aviation design website thedesignair, believes the windowless cabin “would reduce stress on the plane, helping create even more of a monocoque structure and reducing fatigue on the aircraft” he has concerns. “Placing yourself in a sealed metal tube, flying faster than the speed of sound at great altitude with no spacial awareness would prove disturbing for most, and as a pilot, I can see huge safety issues with this concept. Windows are not just there to allow passengers to get accustomed to the ambient light outside in case of an emergency, but also to allow emergency workers to see in, in case they need to cut into the aircraft. With no windows, it is a dark art.”


Whatever is saved in fuel will probably be spent on extra storage space for booze.


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