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Prohibition: 78 Years Dead and Counting

Of all the reasons we’re lucky to live at this particular point in history (modern dentistry, frozen pizza, HD TV), it’s remarkable to look back and see what our forefathers had to do just to get a beer.

78 years ago today the prohibition era came to an end.

If you’re good with your Google machine, you’ll notice that history marks December of 1933 as the end of one of America’s darkest times. But on April 7 of that year President Roosevelt opened the nation’s taps and allowed the sale of beer. Just beer.

Breweries struggled to survive through Prohibition, which began in 1919. Many didn’t make it, but Anheuser-Busch was one company that took their losses and survived long enough to enjoy a well earned celebration on April 7, 1933. Legend has it that a loud siren was heard at the plant and signaled the end of a nation’s frustration and the return to sanity.

Why Roosevelt gave beer a head start above all other booze will remain a mystery. But that’s no reason to keep us from an excuse to celebrate.

From this day forward the PDC’s second birthday shall be April 7th! And today shall be a beer-only holiday! Grab your favorite suds, whether they be light or heavy, cheep or fancy, canned, bottled or slurped off the bar, and knock one back for all those who came before.

Happy 78th, everybody!

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