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Review: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

If you only know rum because it mixes well with Coke or pineapple juice, keep right on walking, sister. But if your horizons need broadening and you’re adventurous enough to try sipping something with a little more character than a lemon drop, we may have something for you.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is available nationwide and it’s easy to find. Check out that bottle:

KENT: We spotted it in the liquor store and decided to give it a try. Only later did we find out the makers of Kraken had done their legwork in the promo department: They’ve got an extensive, charming Web presence, they threw launch parties, put up online videos and apparently sent out a lot of product for review (though not to us).

BUD: Bastards.

KENT: So before we even get into the actual contents of that cool bottle, I admit we thought it was cooler when it was just tasty rum in a cool bottle. Knowing all the fluff that’s gone on to promote it, we feel like we’ve been Gray Goosed – sold an image rather than some good booze. But that’s not something we can dwell on when we have our own Facebook page, so let’s focus on the booze. The site describes it as, “Strong, rich, black and smooth.”

BUD: Like Billy Dee.

KENT: Undeniably. And straight or over very little ice, Kraken works every time. There’s a lot of flavor here – molasses, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla. If you take the time you’ll notice this stuff has layers. (If you slam shots of it, it’ll mix together like every other spiced rum and taste like black licorice.) I don’t know if it’s got the complexity or smoothness of more established sipping rums like Appleton’s 12 year or Goslings, but it’s darn close and has it’s own unique flavor. We’d rather have this than Captain Morgan.

BUD: If you’re not familiar, we’d suggest you check out a Dark ‘N Stormy. It’s become a somewhat standard rum cocktail (right behind a rum and Coke), which calls specifically for Gosling’s. So if you order it by name in a bar it will be made with Gosling’s, which is great stuff. But there’s no reason you couldn’t use Kraken.

KENT: In fact, we did just that, and liked it better with Kraken. And we have to admit, there’s something to be said for image. The more of this stuff I drink, the more I feel like a skirt-chasing space pirate.

BUD: Like Billy Dee.

Kraken will run you $20 for 750 ml which, for rum, is moderately priced. But for tasty sippin’ hooch that’s a steal.



Rum Sippin’ Occasions:

Talk like a pirate day
Any evening following forced viewing of a chick flick
Cold weather tailgating (hot coffee alcoholic drinks are for nuns)




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