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Review Time! 7-11’s Gameday Ice and Gameday Light

From time to time, we’ll be your guinea pigs (aside from the squealing) and give you the skinny on new (to us) stuff: drinks, places, drinking places, and so on. First up, Gameday, 7-11’s very own cheap beer, which launched a little while back. With football watching season fast approaching let’s take a look and see if we can’t save you some money or head you in the right direction. Let’s review:





BUD: It sucks.

KENT: That’s not much of a review.

BUD: It’s all they need to know. This is beer made by 7-11.

KENT: Humor me.

BUD: Fine. Go ahead.

KENT: If any chain is perfectly primed to offer it’s own cheap beer label, it’s 7-11. One can only drink so much Mad Dog when one only has $2. At $8.99 per 12 and with 24oz singles for $1.49(!), we can see their target market from here and it ain’t the beer snobs.

BUD: Nice intro. Here’s the deal: This tastes just like the Beast.

KENT: For those just joining us, “Beast” is a term of endearment some of us used in referring to Milwaukee’s Best  (a long time ago in a haze far, far away).

BUD: Yep. This is the Beast in a slightly cooler looking can. It’s bad beer, but it’s not undrinkable like, say, Natty Light or Busch. If you like that stuff, more power to you, but I’d pass. And let’s not go comparing Game Day to any classics like Schlitz, Blatz or Goebel. Let’s just not do that, and don’t ever bring it up again. It’s Beast in a blue can, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you know it going in. It’s cheap beer, and if none of my go-to’s are left I’ll drink it. But it’s not going into my regular rotation.

KENT: I’m with you. If, by some cruel twist of fate, you can’t find what you want you can still pick up some of this and no one’s going to get hurt. They’ll give you grief when you show up with it, but sometimes I do that on purpose just to get people riled up. (“Hi, honey! Sorry, they were out of Stella so I got you some High Life!”).

BUD: But I wouldn’t buy it of my own free will.

KENT: How much is it again?

BUD: (Checks sign on wall drawn in crayon.) Well, we’d better grab a few cases just in case they run out.

KENT: Good idea. I heard there was flooding up north. No power, dogs and cats living together, it could get ugly.


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