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“I don’t celebrate Christmas, Jackass”

During this joyous holiday season, let’s all try to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, we’re not trying to be a jackass, it just happens. Like last week at the office. It started off innocent, got ugly, then turned into the greatest holiday lesson we could hope for. I spend 11 months …

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5 Things to Watch in 2012

We could have offered this advice before 2012 began, but no one listens to portents of doom when they’re basking in empty holiday wishes and looking forward to undeserved presents. Here’s your guide to what’s coming up, what to avoid and what to expect in 2012: Now with 25% more Tebow.

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Valentine’s Day: Sham or Precious Memory?

Restaurants are full, florists are cleared out and chocolates are getting passed around like blunts in an NBA locker room. It must be February 14th. Is Valentine’s Day an opportunity to reconnect with your loved one? Your chance to take a shot at someone you’ve admired from afar? Or is it just an excuse to demand presents and make the lonely feel even more alone?

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PDC Mailbag and Life Coach Hotline: From Courtship to Courtesy

Can you find true love, again, with the same person? How horrible can a Christmas party get and what can you do about it? Will Bud ever be forced to sit through an entire episode of Glee? These questions, and many others, will be answered in the next episode of the PDC Mailbag and Life Coach Hotline…

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Flying and drinking go together for a reason

I’m not saying if everyone on the plane drank it would be a better experience. Or that it would take the edge off the nerves of a few hundred people who just spent an hour, or two, or three, getting boarding passes, waiting in security, getting felt up by TSA wardens, and then jamming themselves in an overcrowded metal tube. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

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