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Review: MLB 2k11

Put down the bracket and pick up a controller. Your NCAA bracket hasn’t been worth a damn since the second round. You know, I know it, the American people know it. It’s time to move on and embrace spring, and that means baseball. Most of us have about as much chance to play real ball as we do to slay a real dragon – and that means we turn to the same place to fulfill both fantasies: video games.

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5 Things to Watch in 2011

We don’t do heartfelt looks back at the previous year – those are for suckers. Here’s what’s on the horizon that you need to know about. Some have the potential for good in them, like Darth Vader. Some are evil to the core, like Facebook. Beware either way.

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Top Five Things in Call of Duty: Black Ops You Wish You Could Do In Real Life

We’re not going for the easy ones, either, like taking out your boss with an exploding crossbow bolt. Playing any game online is a minefield of interactions with people we’d rather avoid – kinda like life. And, like life, certain tools are provided. They’re just not the same tools. But the following would be SO handy:

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