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Planes without windows: Pass the mini-bottles…

“Would you fly in a plane without windows? In the push to start supersonic flights, one aviation firm plans to replace cabin windows with electronic display screens.”

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Election 2012: Wine Making Robots For Everyone!

We don’t know enough french to follow every nook and cranny of the video below, but it appears humanity has inched closer to nirvana: A robot that pick grapes.

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Finally! Non-stick Ketchup Bottles!

Our days of scraping around in the primordial dust may soon be a hazy memory. We’ve been spanking ketchup bottles ever since… ketchup was invented. No more…

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Creepers Invade University of Maryland

Breaking! Minecraft Creepers are all over the University of Maryland!

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Bud Light Platinum now available. Ready, set, imbibe!

Getting drunk may have just gotten easier. Today’s the day we’ll start seeing Bud Light Platinum in stores.

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Coming Soon: “I Survived the East Coast 2011” T-shirts!

(Maybe, if we’re still here.)

BUD: I told you when we had an earthquake: Just because the FEDS tell us it’s too dangerous to be inside, I’m not leaving. My stories were on. And I’m not leaving now just because of some rain, even if the storm is named after my second wife. Look what happened outside during the earthquake…

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Prohibition: 78 Years Dead and Counting

Of all the reasons we’re lucky to live at this particular point in history (modern dentistry, frozen pizza, HD TV), it’s remarkable to look back and see what our forefathers had to do just to get a beer.

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