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With any luck, you’re reading this because you live by a certain standard: Never let a friend drink alone.

Sure, you may have never said the words aloud. You may have just felt them deep in your bones since the first day you could legally show a surly bouncer your ID. And it may not be because you’re a great friend (don’t kid yourself) – maybe you just like beer and need an excuse. Either way, there’s a professional drinking companion in all of us.

But you can’t say never, even in college. At some point, some friend is going to want to (need to) drink, and you won’t show. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. School, work, men/women, or even (gasp) kids, something will screw it up.

Professional Drinking Companion is a throwing down of the gauntlet. We all think we’re great drinking buddies, but the world and your circle of friends, acquaintances and barflies need more than that. They need the dedication and experience of a professional. We’ll be your guides.

We’ll do our best to entertain even though neither of us is really all that funny. We are seasoned happy hour pros, of course, but we’re also cooks, handymen, artists, desk jockeys, pole dancers, lampshade wearers, working stiffs and excellent neighbors (as long as you’re deaf or don’t like sleeping).

What we offer is commitment to an ideal. Young or old, man or woman, sports fan or ‘other,’ the world is made up of two kinds of people, and we all take turns being both: The drinking companion or the lone drinker who shouldn’t have to drink alone. In the first case, we’re here to make your mission easier and more fulfilling than it’s ever been. In the second case, it’s you we’re here to (over)serve and protect.

Kent & Bud
August 9, 2010


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